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Tappo Due focuses on the wineries Silvano Bolmida and Tenute Tondini.
One special feature of Silvano Bolmida is the bottle for the Sauvignon. This is because it is an “Albeisa bottle”, – not to be confused with the Burgundy bottle – which was named after the town of Alba in Piedmont. Of course, the 1st Barolo “Le Coste Di Monforte”, created by Silvano, also finds its place in this wine package, as it is truly a harmonious companion among these three exceptional white wines.

Regarding the Tondini wines, we present two different varietals Vermentinos. The Karagnanj has the usual grapes, while for the Katala only the Vermentino grapes coming from the oldest parcel of the winery are selected. All in all, Tondini’s wines are not only tongue-twisters, when it comes to the names, but they are foremost delightful to the palate.

Wine type

Red wine , White wine


Piedmont , Sardinia


2019 , 2021 , 2022


14 , 5% Vol. , 14% Vol.

Service temperature

12°C , 16°C


4 X 0 , 75 L



Tappo Due

Karagnanj Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG 2022
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Katala Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Superiore 2021
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Le Coste Di Monforte Barolo DOCG 2019
Monforte D’Alba | Silvano Bolmida

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Antica Novella Langhe Sauvignon Blanc DOC 2022
Monforte D´Alba | Silvano Bolmida

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