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Welcome to the green heart of Italy! Subtropical-Mediterranean climate and unique flora and fauna invite you to Umbria, nearby Rome and Florence.

As a wine-growing region, Umbria covers about 13,000 hectares of vineyards. It represents 1.5 % of the wine-growing area in Italy.

Stefano Leonucci is a winegrower who has decided against these wine classifications. Instead, the Leonucci winery produces wines that are considered "Vino da Tavola", i.e., table wines.

Leonucci - the renowned winery, which extends over 70 hectares of land and has been cultivated by the family since the 1960s, is located in central Italy. Despite the estate's vast expanse, the precious grapes are grown on only 10 hectares of land - all limestone-rich clay and sandy soil.

In 2005, Stefano Leonucci started with Sagrantino and Merlot grapes. The Sagrantino grapes are considered the most tannin-rich grape variety. After years of experimenting with land and soil, he succeeded in cultivating unique wines, Montignanello and Re del Sole.

Together with winemaker Maurilio Chioccia, they have been producing these celebrated wines for many years.

"Nature has no limits, you have to work with it." Stefano Leonucci still cherishes the philosophy of his ancestors. To create wines only out of joy and passion and to share them with gourmet-loving people.

Leonucci only produces a limited number of wines; the Sagrantino grapes are particularly prominent.

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